There is no universal definition of success.

Tired of fancy funnels?

You want to serve and be adequately rewarded for it.

Let’s drop the noise and laser-focus on your core mission for bigger impact.







(the course)

agnieszka gaczkowska

You have all it takes to succeed.

Inside YOU.

Nothing is broken…

nothing needs fixing…

We focus on dormant potential.

Let me shed some light on YOUR superpowers. Let’s re-discover metrics for Your definition of success. 

Coaching gets You from dreaming it to actually doing it. 

Get 1-1 coaching with me.

As enterpreneur I found a path to connect multipassionate brain with simplicity of inner values.

I export experience from my yearlong partnership-building Polish biz OPLOTKI.

I import it to our biz-sessions to give You exclusive behind-the-scenes You can use for Your business.

I will show you how to leverage your mission through additional rev-streams coming from smart cooperation strategies.

Work with me 1-1 on Your biz.

You are invited to myy high-impact mastermind group

for 100k-250k/Year biz-owners.


Max 5 participants

6 months

2h every 2 weeks on Zoom

Start: end of September

Contact me for 15-min intro call:

or save Your spot here.

When You are looking into other-than-soc-media ways to grow.

Referral based/affiliate sales/marketing strategies for scaling Your coaching/consulting/teaching business . 

All put into concise 3-module theory boost and 7-module collection of experience based case-studies.

1 year access 

+ option with/without additional 1-1 sessions

Check AFFILIATE 2.0 details. 

Looking for a personalized blend of the above offers?

Click below and …

Hi, I’m Agnieszka

8-years of testing and tweaking multiple strategies for online and offline rev-streams at Oplotki: I founded Polish-based handmade-biz (15-min details in this TEDx speech).


I share all the know-how from that journey through 1-1 consulting/mentoring.

While working with Polish-speaking clients I coined something special.

I realized my work goes deeper.

It touches Your core values, people You impact and the mission You were brought here to fulfill. 

I understood I use business/financial leverage as a gateway to deeper coaching work

and through that I unleash my client’s unique definition of Success.